Green Homes

Ecology as the New Dominant Market Influence

Today nearly everyone recognizes "Saving the Earth" is not a passing fad or phrase, but essential to sustain life. Global Warming, air and water pollution, extinction and other environmental terms are not just obscure scientific concepts, but are real issues discussed daily in the news media.

Nearly 40 years have passed since the first Earth Day in 1970, but now "Green" is the new status symbol: Conspicuous consumption is out - Conspicuous virtue is in. The Green "revolution" is redefining everything. Environmental consciousness is no longer a philosophy promoted by small, fringe student movements but is now a unifying human focus.

There is clearly an Evolving Green Luxury Market for homes. But what is Green? Is there one definition? The Green Rush is a claim suddenly heard everywhere, but often it is not credible. Empty Green promises even have their own name: "Green-Washing". The discussion volume is at a high point; but logical Green choices are not yet widely available, particularly in the housing market.

For 2009 Boulder and Boulder County have enacted new "green" sustainable building code regulations.  These changes have significantly changed the building and remodeling enviroment.  For many remodeling projects and all new construction enerby audits may now be required before any construction can begin.  Those audits along with new code regulations assure that all new projects will be built with greater concern for our enviroment.  In order to prepare for these changes, I earned my EcoBroker certification at the end of 2008.  This new knowledge differentiates me from other realtors and it will enable me to provide my clients with more knowledge and better service.  Additionally, I have assembled a team of Green/Sustainable experts that hav the knowledge and experience to guide you through every step of the current building process.

If you are interested in Green/Sustainable options, contact me.